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Hey guys! I am feeling like I need a swift kick in the rear end today.  I’ve been dragging my feet!  I am tired, and not at all feeling 100 % as usual.  It’s been difficult to shake off the funk, and I’ve wanted nothing more than to stay in bed all day.

Normally I have my ideas for my blog posts set up during the beginning of the week.  This seems to work for me, because I’m not super stressed trying to rack my brain for something “cool” to come to mind.  But, today is just not my day.  I wasn’t feeling too hot, and I am in need of some serious strength.

I’m always excited to read the posts that many of you update throughout the week.  I love how motivated all of you are with remaining consistent with your posts. I’ve watched in envy today how you all have been interacting with fellow bloggers, and I just have some questions for you.

Have any of you ever experienced a “blah” day, but more than anything still wanted to update your blog?  Yup, this is my life right now.  How were you able to bounce back from the blah-ness? I’m seeking some tips from anyone willing to share, on how to overcome these feelings and stick to doing what I love most.



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19 thoughts on “Calling All Bloggers

  1. Thanks so much! I checked out that link, and it was pretty cool! What do you normally do after the 3 pages? Do you share your thoughts on your blog, or is it something to just help when you’re blocked? Really great idea!


  2. Okayyyy. So a blah-day, huh? 😛
    Never mind, whenever I’m unable to write or in my writer’s block, I just let my life go, I try to observe things around me rather than penning it down. However, when next I get the thrust of writing, I try to write a lot, so that when I am unable to post anything on the blog, I have my few earlier posts.

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    • You’re so right! I normally get a headache after stressing over this. Sleep seems like a realistic solution for me lol. I’ll try to learn how to give myself a break from trying to figure out an answer right then and there, and use your advice. Thanks again!

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  3. Hi Sharece.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, kingspeech. I appreciate it.
    I will be back to read more of what you have to share.

    When I have writer’s blog I put my pen down and don’t force it. I can’t write when I am not inspired or convicted or challenged. When those things are not there i don’t even try. I also write down ideas when I am in the “inspired” phase. When I am dry I then turn to what I wrote. Hope that helps….


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    • Thank you for your response, as well as your plans to revisit my blog :-). Yes, this was very helpful! My biggest issue was trying to force myself to write, when realistically I needed just a break. Thanks again!

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  4. Yes, yes, yes! I experience a lot of “blah” days, a fair selection of “meh” days and the occasional “yuk” day. Unfortunately, they often coincide with my having to write a post.

    I have no very great way to make myself energetic or inspired. On days like that, the best I can do is to sit with a piece of paper or a keyboard and simply force myself to type. It almost doesn’t matter what. I just put down sentences until eventually I hit upon something that starts me off.

    I mentioned this to somebody else recently (In a blog comment? I’m not sure) and said it felt a bit like getting an old car to start by pushing it down a hill.

    Other people may have better and more sophisticated ideas, but that’s how I usually try to deal with the issue of zero energy / zero inspiration days.

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    • Thanks for your feedback! I think your response was very sophisticated lol. I won’t judge you if that works for you. 🙂 So far, I’ve taken many breaks when I felt blocked. I’ve recently found that carrying on about my day normally gets my creative juices flowing. I could be on the phone with my sister, and an amazing idea comes to mind.

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      • Well, whatever works, right? 😀 I guess, different things work for different people. Somebody in another blog I read today said drinking a little wine helped her. I don’t mind wine, but I think it would probably help me sleep rather than help me write.

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      • I don’t usually have any music, just my oldest son “singing” at the top of his voice in the next room. It doesn’t usually motivate me to write. It does motivate me to stick my fingers in my ears, though, so that’s something. 😀

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