Connect With Me//Mix and Mingle

Sunday’s on Be Free 2 Love, will now be dedicated to meeting new people!

You never know who will cross your path, and what purpose they will serve in your live.  In my experience so far with life in general, so many others continue to encourage and inspire me, and many have no idea how much they are appreciated.  Let’s take a moment to say hi to someone new, and possibly gain a long-term friend.


In recognition of today, I ask that you do the following:

  1. Please share one fun fact about yourself.
  2. Please share at least one goal you plan to reach for the week.  The more you say it, the more you’ll make it happen!
  3. Leave a link to your page, so others can get to check out your space.
  4. Want to share this post with others? Be sure to pingback and reblog this post, and tag #Friendships.

If you need help with figuring out how to add a link in your posts on wordpress, check out the link here, and the image below:


Hopefully this image will help explain how to do this better.  Or you can simply copy and paste the link from another blog site, and paste the link on yours.

I’ll be a team player, and start the process!

  1. Fun fact about me: I’ll be traveling to Mexico in just a few weeks for vacation!!
  2. My goal for the week: Work out at least 2x.  I fell off again, and need to get it together! So, I’ll work my way back up to more days.

*I give credit to the meet and greet to Dream Big, Dream Often, for inspiring me to reach out to new people each day.  Check out his blog for some cool tips on how to reach your goals!

Happy Friending!


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103 thoughts on “Connect With Me//Mix and Mingle

    • Glad to have you Eric! I have never been able to stick with the Harry Potter series…even though I’ve been encouraged to do so on many occasions.
      More and mored people have been inspired to pick back up on their writing lately! Here’s to a week filled with words on your pages!! 🙂

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  1. Hallo;
    My fun fact: I’m missing the middle joints in the middle, ring, and pinky fingers in both of my hands. It’s a genetic thing.
    My goal for the week: Gain at least 50 more blog followers, doesn’t matter if it’s through WordPress, FB, or Twitter. Also to not get a late start on this week’s post.
    My blog:

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  2. Found you through Dream Big, Dream Often and I love what I’ve read so far. Thanks for hosting a meet and greet. I love the opportunity to share and also to find new blogs.
    Fun fact about me….I love the 80’s, the clothes, the movies, the music, just maybe not the hair 😉 My goal this week is to workout at least 3 days. My blog is It’s all about me and the transitions in my life as I work toward finding happiness plus a few random commentaries on life.

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  3. Hi FreeBryd,
    What a great idea!

    Fun fact about me – Despite having had a lot of nights out, a lot of alcohol and the odd black-spot in memory – at the grand old age of 27 I have never had a hangover!

    My goal for the week – I want to catch up on my book reviews. I have been lucky enough to have managed to read a lot of awesome books this year and want to spread the word about them!

    My Blog –

    KL 🙂

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    • Thanks for sharing! You’ve got to share your secret to no hangovers! I’m in awe lol. Love your idea for book reviews. I’m interested in sharing my perspectives as well, on the current book I’m reading: The Dance of Intimacy, by Harriet Lerner. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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  4. I was sent over from Danny at Dream Big. Thank you for hosting this mix and mingle. I look forward to reading the fun facts about everyone and visit new blogs.

    Fun fact about me: I love the color pink and I own a pink sofa. I don’t care if it makes people take me less seriously, it’s my favorite color and I’m not going to hide the fact.
    Goal for next week: Get new job, or at least get more applications out.
    Link to blog:

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  5. Hello Freebryd
    Saw your post on Danny’s blog at Dream big.
    Love the idea of meet and greet and the people I’m seeing here so far look really interesting. I’m quite excited about checking out their blog
    Fun fact about me ? I love stationary… I can’t be left alone in a stationary store, I could spend a fortune in pens, post-it’s, journals and more….
    My goal for the week is to survive back to school and figuring out our new routine without missing anything…. (Maybe they sell something at Staples to help me with that?!?!)
    You can find me at
    I blog about Emily’s (my daughter) journey, living with cri du chat syndrome and how we never allowed the diagnosis to take over.
    I hope you will stop by and I will reblog your post with hopes that more people travel this way!

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  7. 1.) Fun Fact about myself: My life up to this point has more or less been one big comedy of errors. I don’t mind at all, and use my blog primarily to share amusing anecdotes about myself and some of the more ridiculous stunts I have pulled. (Sometimes I talk about other stuff too.)

    2.) 1 Goal for this week. To locate the missing remote control for my dvd player, which is basically useless without it. I know it’s in my apartment somewhere…

    Here is a link to my blog!

    Stop and by at have a few good laughs at my expense! 🙂

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  9. Howdy! Fun fact about me is that I’m 37 weeks pregnant and due at the end of this month.
    My one goal for this week is to put my living space to order.
    My blog can be found here:
    When I started my blog I had no clear idea of what purpose I wanted it to serve. Now that I’ve found my true calling to be a fitness oriented life coach (that’s too simple a discription but it’s close enough), I basically write with the purpose of being kind of like Oprah or something. Lol.

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      • Oprah is an awesome business woman. I just want to help people. I want to open discussions about topics that impact everyone and yet no one talks about. Everything from big things to little things. I just want to change the world for the better. And I will.
        The preparing our living space for the new baby is the easy part. The hard part is preparing our 20 month old that is regressing into infant hood because he’s NOT happy about this new baby. That and the bigger I got during this pregnancy, the less I could play with him the way we usually do. So, he thinks I’m forgetting about him or replacing him or something. I don’t know exactly but it’s been a struggle doing everything we can to reassure him that we have just a much love and time for him as we always have. Which we do. I dunno. My poor baby Bear.
        Sorry for rambling. Lol

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      • Don’t apologize! I love your dreams! They most definitely sound attainable. Thanks so much for sharing. I know that things will get better with your 20 month old. He is going though the motions as he prepares for the new arrival. I can tell that you’re a good person, and a good parent. This time will pass, and he’ll come around. He’ll be happy to be a big brother. I’m rooting for you! When you get big, remember us lol. 🙂

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      • Lol Thank you so much. I don’t always feel like a good parent. But I guess that’s the mark of a good parent. I know he’ll make an excellent big brother just judging by the way he rushes to my rescue everytime he hears me struggling with something.
        And I must say, I’m so glad you did this meet and greet post idea because I have already discovered a few more blogs that I know I’ll enjoy following. ^_^

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  11. Fun (?) Fact: I’m 66, but not quite dead yet. In fact, I am hoping to spend the next few years really LIVING life to the fullest, even though I am a widow! I think I will make myself a nice long bucket list 😉

    Goal: I am planning to do yoga regularly again (3x a week), since classes restart this week. I have missed it for the last two months, while the teacher was on vacation. I’m not really self motivated. I need the class. Want to get back that flexibility and lose the tummy again… 😉

    My blog is here: Ann’s Corner

    Thanks for the opportunity to share……

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  12. Hi! I’m Joe and I live in Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

    Fun fact about me: I absolutely love dolphins – I first fell in love with them after a dolphin watch cruise in Port Stephens, NSW, Australia

    Goal for the week: Regularly update my blog with the day-to-day happenings in my life!

    Found you via Pascale LeBrasseur (Lessons from my daughter)

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  13. Hey! I love this! Because of my time zone, I think I’m a little late but I’ll chalk it up to being fashionably on time? Hm, might not be a thing. Anyways my blog is and its dedicated to my favourite topic – my carelessly wandering daydreams through reality. Just a girl trying to become more self aware.
    I love your vivacious blog, ah-mazing 🙌 cheers!

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  14. Hello everyone! Thank you FreeByrd for setting this up and connecting us all! 🙂 My name is Lydia, and a fun fact about me is I’m working on writing a novel so I can attempt to publish it! My goal for the week is to actually do a deep-cleaning of our cabin; I’ve been lazy about it! You can check out my blog: and I look forward to meeting you guys too!! 🙂

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  15. Hi FreeBryd! What an awesome Idea! I have been laughing and nodding in recognition at some of the funfacts and goals here in the comments. Absolutely love meeting new people.

    I guess I will add to this comment section with my funfact being that I am obsessed with my little bunny rabbit Ed who is the cheekiest little thing in the world (he attempted a great escape recently gnawing his way through his hutch oh, oh.. he never seems to stop amazing me)

    One of my goals this week is to finally unpack and sort out the spare bedroom (have lived in this house for nearly a year now), but I am sure to find another excuse to put it off.

    You’ll be able to find me and my cousins at

    Don’t forget to say hi if you ever find yourself our way 🙂

    ❤ Sam

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  16. I’m so late to the party. But I need to keep my promise to Freebyrd.
    1. I don’t know why, but when I speak on the phone with my default voice with someone who doesn’t know me, they think I’m a lady. I am conscious of deepening my voice with first timers.
    2. My goal is to post on my blog this week. When my work schedule is hectic, blogging is usually knocked off my priority list.

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    • Thanks for keeping your promise!!! You’re super awesome for that :-)!!! My apologies for not being active with this today. I have been feeling really under the weather today. But I love your commitment!

      Shame on those people for thinking you’re a woman. How rude! But I don’t blame you for being more aware of it when you speak with people for the first time. I’ve also been super busy with work, and know the feeling of trying to prioritize. Hope you reach your goal…even if it’s just to say hello to everyone!

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