Keep On Guessing//What’s New on Be Free 2 Love?

What’s new on Be Free 2 Love you ask?  Ok…I’ll share!  I wanted to make some changes to my blog. Stepping out of my comfort zone, and channeling my inner creativity!  I’ve also changed my domain to (  I wanted others to have an idea of what my blog is about, before deciding to visit my page.  You’ll still be able to find me with the old domain (, but you’ll be re-directed here!

This new schedule will also help me plan in advance on what I’d like to share with all of you.  I’ve recently purchased a desk size calendar to help me keep track of my posts for the week…if I’m super energized, maybe even for the month!  Here’s a peek a what you’ll find on my blog:


Sunday: Connect with Me! #Friendships

  • Today is dedicated to meeting new people! You never know who will cross your path, and what purpose they will serve in your live.  In my experience so far with life in general, so many others continue to encourage and inspire me, and many have no idea how much they are appreciated.  Let’s take a moment to say hi to someone new, and possibly gain a long-term friend. Be sure to pingback this post, and tag #Friendships so I will be able to find your posts easier.  Happy Friending!

Tuesday: Heart 2 Heart #Heart2Heart

  • On this day, we will be focusing on ourselves. That’s right! You can be selfish…I won’t tell. I want to help improve relationships across the board.  But, how can we exert so much of our energy into maintaining healthy relationships with others, if we aren’t feeling up to par ourselves?  Well, today is all about you.  Stick around to learn some cool Tricks, Tips, and Treats! Inspiration, recipes, self-care and more! I encourage all of you to join me with finding new ways to spoil ourselves.  Be sure to pingback this post, and tag #Heart2Heart so I will be able to find your posts.

Wednesday: Learn Something New! #TeachMe

  • Today will be dedicated to increasing our knowledge! There will be fun facts, book reviews, articles and more! Have something you want to share? Yes! Please join me with increasing awareness on topics that are most important to you. Be sure to pingback this post, and tag #TeachMe to shed some light!

Friday: Fix My Relationship! #Fixit

  • Need help figuring out if your relationship has what it takes to survive? Not sure how to speak up about a topic close to your heart? Just need someone to talk to with a fresh pair of eyes?  Yeah…I can help with that! You’re welcome to email me by clicking here or leave me a comment on the Fix My Relationship page to answer your questions. Want to remain anonymous? Sure thing! Just let me know how I can help! 🙂 This discussion will be open to the public, so all are welcome to help shed some insight into these issues.  Be sure to pingback this post, and tag #Fixit so I will be able to find you.

I’ll occasionally throw in a few treats along the way, in addition to this new schedule. So, don’t get too comfortable!

You will also be able to find these updates under the “About” section on my blog.  I’m excited to share with all of you!



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