About Be Free 2 Love


Hey there!

I wanted to share some info on me, since you have so graciously decided to check out my space. I am a 26 year old female from Buffalo, NY. I spent the majority of my life enjoying what I love most…food lol. But, seriously. I guess you can say that I’ve lived an “average” life so far. I remember switching jobs constantly like it was nobody’s business. I’ve been searching for something more than my typical day to day, long before I ever knew I was in search for something bigger. Like everyone else, I’ve had my share of experiences that have given me the opportunity to challenge myself to become a better person.

I hope that you will find these discussions helpful. I wanted to share my knowledge, along with the feedback from you all, and responses from Interviews that will address all of the intimate details about improving yourself, as well as your relationships. Have some fun with me, and remain open to sharing your experiences about Life, Love, & Happiness!

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