Learning About Yourself//Heart 2 Heart

I’ll start this post with a few questions for you…

What do you think you’re known for? What do you believe in? What are your goals? What are determined to do with your time?

Values: “A person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is important in life” (Dictionary.com).

These beliefs are what drives our happiness.  I stumbled across a blog by Kate the other day, @The Importance Of Values. Unfortunately I did not save the link to her blog properly :-(. She describes her experiences with being unable to find true happiness with significant others, due to not yet discovering what she wanted in those relationships.

I want each of us to begin focusing on understanding our values. Maybe you’re unsure of what exactly this may be for you? Or maybe you’re still exploring what’s important to you.


Whatever the case, I strongly encourage each of you to begin re-evaluating your lives to find the answers to the questions listed above.

How can we expect others to “just get it”‘ if we have yet to figure this out ourselves.  Life would make so much more sense if we began to understand our core values.

Maybe this is the reason for your previous relationships did not make it over that 6 month mark, or the reason why you’ve been feeling so unsettled/unfulfilled in your job/career.  I agree with Kate when she discussed how these feelings can impact your relationships with others…I’ve been there. But not only were my relationships with others suffering, I was also stuck in a cycle of negativity. It was difficult for me to find any positives.  I was living my day, but not enjoying much of it at all.

Denying your values for the sake of others can also put a wedge in your overall happiness and feelings of fulfillment.  How long will you be able to keep up appearances simply to keep the peace? What about what matters to you?

I wasn’t able to begin feeling better about myself, until I decided to truly understand what I wanted for myself long-term. What I was willing to do to see my goals become my reality.

I wanted to be able to speak with confidence when someone asked me a question about what I wanted out of life, and where I was headed. If you haven’t experienced this before, the feeling of not having a purpose, and having very little to look forward to can be absolutely draining. I was miserable without actually knowing the cause, and how to “fix” this.

I started to journal my thoughts more, and reach out to others whom I normally looked to for guidance.  I asked them similar questions like those listed in the beginning of this post.  Their answers were not a specific guide on what I needed to do, but provided me with encouragement on how I could begin answering these questions on my own.

Disclaimer: I know that everyone has their own values and beliefs. So, I’ll spare the specifics of my own to keep the peace on this blog :-). But, if you’ve been following my blog, you have a pretty clear idea on what my values are (self-care, family, strengthening our relationships, and education…just to name a few).

What are some questions you still need to figure out the answers to about understanding your values? Who helps to inspire you to discover these answers? 

Much Love,


Image#1: http://www.thecrewcoach.com/

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14 thoughts on “Learning About Yourself//Heart 2 Heart

  1. On yesterday I posted a status on my personal facebook page it was titled… “What’s your plan”. I went on to share how many people are just existing and not living. How many of us can identify with this. Sure I’ve achieved my academic goals and yes I completed my training to life coach still yet I realize my true purpose in life was not to have stardom and fame from the outer but to know I helped change a life, I shared A-ha moments with someone and I left a legacy of peace and prosperity to my children. My desire is yes to cheer and coach others to living their best lives as much as possible even through my blogging and hopefully books I write but more than anything I want to know I stopped someone from giving up, or I helped someone see a brighter tomorrow.

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    • We’ve been on the same wavelength from the very beginning! I’m happy that you have figured out what your plan is, and have been working towards this. Money and education can’t always buy long term happiness. I honestly feel that many of us suffer silently from not knowing what our plan is, and what we are passionate about.

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  2. I have been reevaluating my career goals a lot this year and it is tough place to be at if it isn’t quite clear. I think it is a great idea to ask people you trust and have your best interests in mind and often times they have ideas that can fuel yours:) My go-to person and biggest supporter is my husband. He is the one that got me to start a blog in the first place;)

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  4. I’m not sure what I want out of life, but I’m pretty sure I’m not all that motivated by large sums of money. This turns out to be rather convenient, since it turns out I have no chance of ever getting large sums of money. 🙂

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