Heart 2 Heart//Updating Your Self-Care

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be-LOVE-I’m going to start this Tuesday Heart 2 Heart series, with a plan on taking back control of my promise to improve my health.  I don’t know about you, but when I work out, I feel better about myself. I prefer starting the day out with either making my way to the gym, or watching a fitness video at home.  My favorite trainer by far has been Jillian Michael’s! She’s cocky, but rightfully so. She will definitely kick your butt into overdrive!

This past weekend, my two best friends came to visit me.  During our time together, we made a promise to keep one another motivated throughout the week.   We’ ve each downloaded an app called Group Me.  What is this, right?

Group Me is also something I’ve had to learn more about.  It’s basically a way for you to send instant text messages, calendar invites, and much more into a group that you create. This app works for us, because we do not all carry the same phone service providers.  So, the three of us can all share messages at the same time, and each participate in the conversation without missing out.


I’m really appreciate of the fact that I have such amazing friends, who are willing to encourage me to live a healthier lifestyle. Our plan is to update one another when we go to the gym, and check in with one another several times throughout the week. If we have any workout tips, training programs, or meal plans, we will update one another as necessary.


Normally, I start off strong and make it about two weeks before I somehow fall off track. This time around will be different. I have more people holding me accountable for achieving my fitness goals. So far it appears to be working, because the three of us have already prepped our meals for the next day, and have worked out…well one of us has worked out at least :-).

Working out will help me increase those fuzzy feelings about myself, both inside and out!

What normally works for you to helps promote those warm and cozy feelings about yourself?

Love & Happiness to you all!

More to come on Be Free 2 Love…

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s #TeachMe series.  I’m sticking to the overall theme of my blog: improving the self and our relationships.  With that being said, this day I’ll be dishing out some cool facts, book reviews, and more. I’ll be providing you with some knowledge that will hopefully keep you well-informed. I want each of you to leave here with a new perspective on how to change your relationships for the better!


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14 thoughts on “Heart 2 Heart//Updating Your Self-Care

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  2. Reading this takes me back to the beginning of the year where I for two months created a video journey of myself working out. I called it fit before 40 I worked out with my accountability partner and when she took ill I continued even at home. I didn’t start out taking any supplements because I wanted to do this fit before 40 all natural. As time continued to pass I noticed I wasn’t losing weight but inches; what I gained from that experience is A.being fit is more than losing weight it’s a desire to want to add years to your life. B. Even though I couldn’t see any changes others did so just keep going the results you seek will manifest I promise. C. Self control and portion control is key get rid of those processed foods and replace sugar with a substitute. D. Lemon water is a God send E. Yes you’ve fallen off the wagon since relocating but you went from 243pounds in January to 226 currently your closer than what you think to your desired goal weight now get your Ass in gear girl and pop in your yoga tapes, and use those free gyms on base and give that elliptical machine, bike, mountain climber and tread mill a workout of a lifetime.

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    • Wow!! I love this. Thanks so much for sharing. I like your perspective on simply losing weight vs adding years to your life! This really makes me approach working out in a different way. I admit that I have been focused on seeing immediate results, and have been discouraged because I couldn’t really notcie any changes. Lemon water has also been something that I have tried over the past 2 months. I’ve been drinking just water weekly, minus a few flavored drinks. I feel so much better! I actually crve water now too. I don;t even bother to buy anymore juice from the grocery store. You did that girl! You most definitely put in some work. Good for you for sticking to your plan, despite losing your partner. 🙂


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