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Have you ever felt extremely unproductive before?  Well, that has been the story of my life for the past few days! I am so guilty lol.  I’ve been binge watching a series on Hulu (Devious Maids)! So much drama…but it’s also extremely addicting! This week, I’ve failed to go to the gym or update my blog as often as I’d planned. :-/ Needless to say, I couldn’t help but to realize how easy it is to fall into a comfortable routine, and forget about achieving your dreams.

In the past, I have always dreamed about doing more with my life, but never felt any real sense of urgency when considering the response to this question.  I had absolutely no clue how to begin preparing a life for myself, where my overall level of happiness scored close to a 10 on a Likert scale.


Should I go back to school? What should I major in? Where will I find a job? So many questions to consider!

Last month I wrote a post specifically to address these concerns (  I became so motivated to take off running with enough energy to run a marathon! I’m still very excited to continue pursuing what I love most: writing, and helping others build healthy relationships.

What I am saying is that I don’t want to lose sight on what I’ve promised myself I’d accomplish within these next few years.  I do worry that I’ll become sucked into the swift current of life, without giving my all to what I’ve planned for myself.  But, I can’t let that happen.  I need to remind myself daily what it is that I want out of life.

At this time, I do not have a vision board that I can refer to like I’ve heard others speak about.  Now I can honestly say that I understand the importance of creating something to this effect.  During these past few days, it was so easy for me to say, “I’ll do it later”, because I did not have anything in place to continuously remind me of my aspirations.  I absolutely need this!

I have a really long-winded way of saying don’t give up.  Don’t give up on your plans, simply because “something comes up”.  It is alright to take a break…but try your best not to lose sight on the bigger picture. Luckily, I have family and friends in my corner who are able to snap me back into reality. But honestly, this is not their responsibility.

I have to want more for myself, and I do.  I just need to find ways to encourage me not to lose sight of this!

Here is what I plan to do:

  • Create a detailed vision board (so I have no questions about what I want my future to look like)
  • Speak about my goals to others (the more I discuss this, the more I will speak this into existence)
  • Make a list of small steps that will help me reach my goals (less overwhelming for me to target smaller tasks first)
  • Listen to the advice I would give to others (not to be so hard on myself…I will make mistakes and have days where I want to give up–>but get back on track asap)

These little gems will help to keep me on the right path. Take a break, go on vacation, binge watch your favorite tv series.  We all need days such as these to help us recharge.  Just remember that sooner or later you’ll need to get back to what you’ve started.

What do you use to help motivate and remind you to continue pursuing your dreams?



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13 thoughts on “Inspiration//Make Your Dreams Become Your Reality

  1. The key for me is to know the “why” behind what I do. The older I get, the more clear I am about my “why”. I don’t think people can just manufacture some of this pre-maturely through sheer willpower. It can take time, experience, success, failure to get a handle on the process. Our culture makes it look like life is a constant state of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and bullying your way through life, but I think it’s more like getting knocked down, figuring something out, and getting back up again, over and over in little ways… a little wiser each time. The stronger the why, the stronger the motivation!

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  2. I love your perspective on this! If you aren’t able to understand why you are struggling, then the task becomes even more challenging with sticking to the plan!! This is so true in so many other aspects of our lives! I do not think that our willpower alone will be enough. We need to learn how to overcome these same barriers in the future. Thanks for your feedback as always!

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  3. I definitely need to do a new vision board (and stop putting them on pretty paper that I don’t want to throw away). I’m also big on SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, results-based, time-bound) and putting them up somewhere where I can look at them. My friend challenged me to write down 50 things I want so I’m going to get to that in the next day or so.

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    • Wow! Such a wonderful idea! The SMART goals seems like it’s easy to follow and keep you on track. What an incredible challenge too from your friend! I’m a big believer of speaking my goals into existence. If you make a post about them, I’d def show my support 🙂

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    • I am totally with on you on this! I use SMART goals all the time with the patients I talk to and I try to do the same for myself, too. Keeping them where you can see them is a big one! I see it as part of self-talk;)

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  4. It is true motivation requires a goal which requires inspiration. My inspiration is fueled by competition or cheerleaders sometimes (others) but now more often than not it is fueled by what will get me where I need to be to feel happy and less stressed and be successful? I used my SMART goals and I use my spiritual goals. I plan and organize and when things fall through as they sometimes do I have a back-up plan so that I do not fall prey to relapse ‘failure’ by quitting and not starting it back up and seeing my goals through. I am a firm believer of the stages of change model.

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    • I love how you use the stages of change! I also refer back to that as well..even as a counselor. I def see the benefit in this model. I do feel like my inspiration changed with my age. I used to be extremely competitive, now I focus on gwtting where I need to be…without stressing over the competition. I love your plans to use your spiritual and SMART goals. I have been meaning to become more grounded spiritually! Thanks for the reminder!

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