TV for dinner…again?!

TV for dinner…again?

Dinner time certainly has its perks. You may have the opportunity of spending more time with loved ones, or possibly zone out after a long day at work. I want to encourage each of you to do something differently today, if you haven’t already tried the ideas listed in the discussion to below.

I’m guilty of allowing my TV to become a permanent guest at my dinner table. Today, I want to use my pm meal time for a different purpose, and improve my presence in my relationship. That means that the television is going off (sorry Jahmil). I want to become better about giving others my full attention, minus the distractions. I want to force myself to be more “present” with others during this intimate time. Even if I spend this time dining alone in the future (coordinating schedules can be a nightmare), I still want to try something new. Reflect on how my day has been, thank God for the meal in front of me, and just “be”. Very rarely do I take a breather. I’m normally on the go (physically or mentally), and planning for “what’s next”. So, I am looking to change that. I want to see new results in my over well-being, and in my relationships. This is where I plan to start.

Here are some helpful conversation starters for couples, friends, or co-workers sharing a meal:

Those of you with little ones can play a game at the dinner table (remember food fights are too messy). One game that could work is a guessing game. You could each take turns providing details of a person, place, or thing, and then take turns guessing at the identity.

Allow your meal time to be one way for you to become closer to your loved ones, or give yourself some much-needed self-care.

Just try it, and see what happens!

*Special thanks to Jahmil and Melicia for your input*


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