Motivational Monday!

imageWhat messages are you telling yourself throughout the day?

We’ve all had those moments and experiences where “today is just a bad day.”  Sometimes these experiences can begin to spiral out of control, and before you know it you’re stuck in a rut.  <–The absolute worst right?!

There  is no instant cure that will fix whatever is going on in your life.  But, changing your thinking can give you a new pair of eyes.  This happened to me when someone close to me challenged me to approach my “problem” with a new perspective.  I had two options.  1) stay upset about what I couldn’t change and complain about this, or 2) promise myself not to stay “stuck” and plan for positive change.  Really taking the time to understand what messages I’ve been using to create the dark cloud that I couldn’t escape from.  It WAS me!

Take a few seconds to become upset and vent about what just happened to you.  But don’t keep yourself in the drama.  Choose positive messages that will help you begin to see positive results, and help to instantly change your mood.


8 thoughts on “Motivational Monday!

  1. I agree with you freebryd! It’s crazy how the simplest of things can ruin our day. Our thoughts play an integral role in that. I misplaced something that I wanted to use this morning. I looked in all of my usual spots. The more I looked the angrier I became. “I can’t believe this!” “You’ve got to be kidding me!” “Why don’t I ever have what I need?” All negative thoughts! I even found myself being snippy with others all because I lost something I didn’t even need. I decided to take your advice…change my thinking. I said “Sam, is it that serious??” “I can do without it!” And several other more level headed thoughts. And voilà…just like that, the world started spinning again. Thanks for motivating my Monday!


    • Hey Sam! Glad that I was able to help out in any way! I agree with you 100% about treating others differently because of the negative messages you were telling yourself. I was pushing people away, because I wasn’t able to focus on being more positive. One of my good friends reached out to me today, and let me know how much she appreciated my post. I hope that you are as encouraged to change as I am!


  2. Hello Freebryd!
    I’m always telling myself that I can do better as a mom. I’m always thinking that I’m not doing enough, or not playing enough, or not teaching enough. Well, I had an experience at the park today that let me know that I AM doing a great job. There was a little boy and his father playing near the swings. Im typical Erin fashion, she ran up to them and said “hed-ow” (hello). I told her to tell them her name. She tapped her chest and said “I Erin!” The father bent down and said “nice to meet you, Erin.” Erin stuck out her hand and the two shook hands!!! He couldn’t believe that she’d only be two in October. He told me I must be doing a good job with her.
    Over at the slide area, Erin told me she was “hopping like a bunny” and that she was “driving to papa’s house” as she turned the steering wheel. She told me she “liked it” as she slid down the slide. Two mothers wanted to know her age, and again were amazed that she could speak so well.
    I’m always having negative thoughts about my parenting. It took words from others to help me change my thinking!


    • Hi Mel. What a smart little girl that you are raising! We’re normally the hardest on ourselves when others have no idea what flaws we even have (or simply don’t care). Give yourself some more credit! More than anything, I’m sure she is happy that you are extremely engaged with her, and teaching her how to express herslef in new ways.


  3. Hey Freebryd! It’s not quite Monday, but I wanted to thank you for the motivation to become a better me! It’s only been about a week, but the personal advice you gave me has help me to get out of my “funk!” I’ve been waking up earlier, getting more done, and sticking to a schedule. The three of us were even dressed and out of the house by 11…on a Sunday! I’m so much happier! I hope I can stick to this new routine! I definitely know who to call when I’m going through it. Thanks again freebryd.


    • Would you look at that lol! I am really happy that I have been able to help you Sammy! Believe it or not, but your feedback actually helped me today too! Some days I question myself as well. I too get stuck in a funk, and wonder how the heck did I get there? I know my days aren’t perfect, but I know I can expect to see things get better. Hurray for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel :-).


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